Lorica has one simple aim: to help people develop a healthy relationship with money. Smart, everyday people, who work hard for their money and want more control of it.

The UK’s population typically lacks financial resilience and awareness, leading to many people struggling to perform at work due to money worries.

Our workplace financial wellbeing programmes are designed to cut through the mystery and educate your employees on the most relevant and important aspects of managing their money. You choose the most appropriate approach for your budget and workforce from our range of services, including:

  • seminars
  • lunch and learn sessions
  • individual financial planning, taxation and investment advice
  • interactive online tools and technology

Lorica is a trading name of Lorica Advisory Services Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Contact Details

26-32 Oxford Road

Products & Services

  • Financial education
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Employee seminars and 'lunch & learn' sessions
  • Independent financial advice for executives and employees
  • Pensions education and communications

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