White paper: Building a proactive & preventative mental wellbeing strategy

Unmind’s white paper considers what a proactive and preventative approach to mental wellbeing looks like. It introduces eight factors which influence an employee getting the right care, at the right time, and employers can build a strategy that engages and inspires the entire workforce to look after their mental health.

  • Organisation’s tend to focus solely on reactive support, which feeds the stigma surrounding mental health and results in poor engagement and uptake of initiatives.
  • Reactive support is just one part of the puzzle. It is not a case of prevention vs reaction; it’s about providing employees with the right care at the right time.
  • Over the next year, 80% of employers will be looking to improve education, awareness and prevention on health-related issues, and this correlates with the 80% of employees that now expect better awareness and handling of mental health problems.

This paper offers eight elements that employers need to consider when developing a preventative mental health strategy: tone; measurement; variety; credibility; accessibility; signposting; visibility; and data.