Survey: State of the Sector 2020

This global survey of the internal communication landscape from gatehouse offers data and insights to help reward professionals highlight the value that internal communication can bring.

Key findings

  • The proportion of communicators stating that they and senior leaders agree on the purpose of internal communication has been rising year on year, to reach 70% in 2020. Up from 53% five years ago.
  • Two thirds of respondents (66%) believe internal communication is seen as a key driver of the employee experience, and a similar proportion (72%) say the function plays a critical role in capturing and amplifying employee voice.
  • However, two in five (43%) disagree that internal communication is consulted and involved at every stage of communicating change. This suggests that other functions may not see internal communication as being a crucial piece of the organisational puzzle.
  • Communicators across all regions are looking to focus their time and energy on communicating the purpose, strategy and values of their organisations in 2020, with many also planning to communicate about an upcoming change.

This survey is based on more than 1,000 responses from across 45 countries. It covers every aspect of internal communication and employee engagement.