Research: Aviva - Benefits staff most/least want

Aviva has statistically proven what has already been anecdotally known for some time – that the benefits managers think staff want often varies wildly with want staff actually want

In a new poll, Aviva’s research finds that despite 31% of staff wanting duvet days as a perk, only 21% actually offer it. Meanwhile, nearly half (48%) of staff want a wellness allowance, but only a third (33%) provide it.

In a wide-ranging survey of emplyee attitudes to benefits, the research also reveals the benefits employees say they are ‘least’ interested in, compared with what they are 'most' interested in.

It finds:

  • Having between 22-35 days’ paid leave was the benefit employees wanted most (44%), followed by a pension scheme (41%) and flexible working (39%).
  • Eye tests and dental benefits were wanted the least (11%), while only 16% of staff wanted free meals at work.

The research found just 1 in 20 wanted a dogs at work policy (often thought to be higher). Meanwhile men were found to value salary more than women (48% vs 35%); while women valued work-life balance more (44% vs 38%)