Report: Monster/Cebr Jobs Confidence Index

Job board, Monster, has joined forces with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to create its first ‘Jobs Confidence Index’ - a report on the key economic, environmental and cultural factors influencing worker confidence in the UK.

The index is made up of 16 indicators affecting the levels of confidence job seekers have in the jobs market, including unemployment figures, job vacancies, real wage growth and survey data.

The results of the first survey shows that across the UK only 51% of respondents feel confident about their job security in the next six months, with data comparing Q1 for 2019 to Q4 of 2018 showing job seeker confidence falling by ten percentage points from 77% to 67%.

It also finds:

  • Only 44% of people in Wales said they felt confident about their job security looking ahead to the next six months
  • When asked, a third (34%) of employees in Wales also felt that if they became unemployed in the next six months, they’d struggle to secure a similar (or better) job within a reasonable amount of time
  • Those in Northern Ireland however are the most confident, with nearly two thirds (61%) of people stating they are confident in their job security over the coming six months, with workers in Yorkshire and the Humber coming second, with 53% confidence