Report: 2021 Global Culture Report

OC Tanner’s ongoing Global Culture Report research uncovers and examines the statistics, trends, and perceptions that are shaping workplace cultures around the world. See how organisations with strong cultures attract top talent, reduce employee turnover and help employees thrive.

Key findings:

  • 70% is the average engagement score is down 2% from the previous year.
  • Non-thriving cultures are 10x more likely to be negatively impacted by crisis than thriving cultures.
  • 32% of organisations are culturally ready to adopt new technology.
  • 45% of employees feel their recognition programme is stale and disconnected from what is important at their organisation.
  • Organisations with healthy cultures are 16x more likely to retain their gen z employees.

This is OC Tanner’s largest and richest report to date. It is a synthesis of multiple research studies involving more than 40,000 employees and leaders from 20 countries around the world. One theme was unmistakable: things must change. The workplace can no longer be a tolerable grind with less-than-positive daily rituals. Instead, work must provide inspiring, challenging, and rewarding experiences for all employees.