Long after the spark is gone: 5 ideas to keep benefits front of employees' minds

Think about the benefits programs which have launched whilst you have been at your current organisation. I bet it’s difficult to remember them all, where to find them, how to access them and their features. Creating noise around an initial roll out is a great start, but how do you keep that excitement going and ensure that platforms are being utilised beyond that introductory period? Here are our top tips to keep those new solutions front of mind long after the novelty has worn off.

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  1. Put your benefits programs in the flow of work
    Before launching a new benefit it is crucial to ensure that these tools will sit within the daily workflow of your employees. Embed programs in apps and tools they use everyday: Outlook, Slack, ADP, Workday or Salesforce for example, then make certain your new solutions work seamlessly prior to launch day. Incorporating benefits programs into the flow of work makes it easier for your people to find and use them after the initial excitement of a launch. 

  2. Don’t forget to explain the why 
    Employees must understand the ‘why’ behind new solutions. From the outset, HR must help communicate the advantages of the tech to the individual and the business. New tools will not change your business or your culture – people will – the tech is just a tool and to properly engage with a tool and have it resonate, we need to understand ‘why’. 

  3. Identify advocates
    Too many companies design their benefits solutions at their corporate headquarters and roll it out company-wide without any input from local business unit leaders or individuals outside of HR. Then they are surprised when the program isn’t meaningful to employees.

    Seek input from all of your locations and across different departments and identify internal champions who help from the initial development, to roll out and ongoing promotion. Their feedback and buy-in will be invaluable. 

  4. Continually monitor 
    One of the biggest reasons companies pull the plug on a benefits programs is because usage drops off after the big rollout. Sometimes they aren’t even sure what the usage is. Tracking who is engaging with new benefits platforms helps you manage budget and enables you to measure ROI. You can also identify areas of the business that aren’t embracing new benefits and address this promptly.
  5. Continue the communication 
    A new piece of tech or program is undoubtedly exciting for employees, especially if a big launch accompanies its arrival. But this can be quick to plateau and platforms can be easily forgotten as new initiatives come in. Often employees forget about all of the benefits you offer them. A reminder of these benefits or an example of their use in a real life case study will help encourage continued adoption. Ensure that you communicate the benefits well and often, using a multi-channel approach, so they know what is available to them.

If you’re still looking for ideas on how to build and communicate new benefits or even what those benefits should be, take a look at our whitepaper: Your Essential Guide to Building a Recognition Program - a step-by-step guide to achieving an engaging workplace culture through employee recognition.

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